Angelika Peter CSI – Profiberatung für Farbe, Stil, Image

What is a colour analysis?

bildBasing upon scientific findings there are 4 different colour types, generally known as spring, summer, autumn and winter. We will find out what your dominant colouring is by looking at your skin tone and your natural hair and eye colour.

The most important step is to show you why certain shades complement your natural colouring more than others and which colours suits you the most. When you experience a colour analysis you will understand how big the difference of your charism will be simply by choosing the “right” colours. I will also show you how to combine the colours of the pieces you already have and how to use the colours from your personal palette the right way to give your unique look a new dimension.
A very important part will also be the optimal accessories:  glasses, shades, shawls and jewelry!
Then we take a look at your hair colour and if necessary we choose one that goes better with your skin tone and eye colour.

We will also look at the best make-up colours that complement your skin tone and find suitable shades and lipstick colours. After the analysis you will get a personal colour chart which will guide you in the future when you buy new clothes. 

After a colour analysis you will have more self- confidence and many new ideas about yourself- isn’t that wonderful?