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What is a style consultation?

bildIn a style consultation you will learn which cuts, shapes, fabrics and patterns are the most flattering ones for your body. After filling out a short questionnaire we determine your proportions – they are congenital and do not change even if you lose or put on weight.  Then we discuss your body shape and find out to which style personality you belong at the moment, because we all change our style during the years or do wear today the same sort of clothes as you did when you were a teenager?
You will get some advice concerning the materials you should choose first of all, we look at what you like about your body and therefore should underline or what you would rather disguise. The aim is that you will be able to choose in the future the perfect fit, fabrics and patterns when you buy clothes so that your personality will be supported by your outfit.  People should think: “wow what an interesting person is coming along and not wow what interesting clothes are coming along!”
By and by you will then get a coordinated wardrobe and dress with more self-confidence which of course will be reflected by those around you. If we do the consultation at your home, we can discuss pieces you like or dislike – this will be a demonstration in practice of what we did before. A style consultation also includes a close look to your hair cut, make-up and accessories!
On demand you can buy a style guide – in any case you will get personal notes of all the tips and advice that you got during the consultation so that you will be able to choose the right clothes for you considering your personal style.