Angelika Peter CSI – Profiberatung für Farbe, Stil, Image

What is personal shopping?

bildAfter a consultation many people seize the possibility to ask me to come along with them when they go shopping. They feel more secure when a professional stylist is around. 
Especially when it comes to weddings, festive occasions or business events many people are afraid of making a mistake by choosing inappropriate clothes. Then it can be a great relief to know that you get neutral and professional advice.

But sometimes the simple fact of having a job interview can be a problem or that a person is generally unsure about what to wear- ask me and I will come along with you.
To be able to find the optimal pieces for you it is of course helpful for me to know your body shape and proportions as well as your dominant colouring.  Frequently I search the pieces in advance, before I come back with a client. This is very useful and saves a lot of time!