Angelika Peter CSI – Profiberatung für Farbe, Stil, Image


bildNaturally my whole offer is also aimed at men. 
Nowadays men pay more and more attention to a neat appearance. And I don’t talk only about singles. But men are sometimes uncertain about possible combinations of colours and of the perfect fit. They also don’t like shopping as women mostly do. This is the reason why men particularly call upon professional help in this field. 
Due to the fact that men rarely buy new clothes they should pay special attention to choose the right colours and style.  
The suits should really fit perfectly because on the one hand they wear them over a longer period and on the other hand they have got less colours at their disposal as women.
Men usually have less pieces, but they must then buy those of which we can make a coordinated wardrobe.
For men there are special colour charts which meet their special needs. Especially men esteem the fact, if a professional shopper can save their time by keeping the shopping tours as short and efficient as possible.