Angelika Peter CSI – Profiberatung für Farbe, Stil, Image

Size XL:

bildWhich person with bigger size doesn’t know this? You cannot find fashionable pieces beyond size M!

As I am not anorexic too, I fully understand the problems that come with this situation. But it is not necessary to wear sack and ashes either. 

Accept your body and find beautiful aspects of it- as I mentioned on the home site it is my highest priority to make the best out of every person.  

This has a lot do with lacking self-respect – but why should another person respect you if even you cannot do it?
Especially for persons in XL the choice of the right colour is extremely important – as there are not many different cuts and fabrics in size XL!

Colours are always effective- you cannot decide not to notice them- so use them as a help to underline beautiful parts of your body and your personality and to disguise parts you don’t like so much! Certain cuts, fabrics and patterns can still intensify this effect.
Dare to wear colours (not only black allover) – feel beautiful! This will boost your charism and the people around you will react to it!

I know many tips and tricks- try it!