Angelika Peter CSI – Profiberatung für Farbe, Stil, Image

It is my highest priority to make the best out of every person. Everybody has got beautiful attributes - we only have to spotlight them! 

After having finished my studies of French and English I started working as a sales representative of a pharmaceutical company. I have always been very much interested in fashion and styling and now my passion has become a real job. During the long experience in my first job I learnt how quickly my vis-à-vis receives a first impression of me - if I like it or not.

According to experts we have only got 7 seconds to create a good impression of ourselves.
Unfortunately the content of our words cannot help us in this case because the 7 seconds are already over after the initial words.This is of course a very important message because it shows how essential the first impression is!

But the good message is that you can influence your appearance significantly - if you want to know how, please go on reading the next pages.

As a consultation always is very personal many people prefer to be in the privacy of their home. This is why I do most consultations at their home- we have then also the opportunity to go through your wardrobe.